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IIG provides proprietary editorial analysis supplemented with content from multiple data sources to bring you the Company Profile Report. The depth of each report varies, to help you assess your competitors and prospects. Our PREMIUM register is based on the most recent available information and financial data of listed and non-listed public companies, private firms, and foreign-owned businesses in Ghana.

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  • Gain an instant understanding of a business, including company background, industry, competition, and financial health.
  • Get unbiased insights on the top companies in Ghana, compiled by our industry-specific business analysts.
  • Uncover the roles and responsibilities of the management team and identify key decision makers.
  • Get true certified copies of Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate to Commerce Business, Annual Return Filings, Financial Reports, Tax Liens, Judgments, Names of the Directors, Registered Office Address

Company Formation

IIG is a one-stop business set-up and corporate services company in Ghana managed by a specialized team of Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Corporate Lawyers and Business Professionals committed to provide genuine quality experience to our clients in the widest spectrum of business needs. Our diversified team with extensive legal, financial and corporate knowledge enables us to cater to the stated and unstated needs of our clients.

We strive to offer innovative and customized business and legal solutions and endeavor to elevate the potential of all our clients and service partners. Our service gamut ranges from setting up of companies, protecting intellectual property rights, corporate and secretarial compliances to Online services.

Business Opportunities

When you need to depend on investment data, you can depend on IIG for complete and actionable business intelligence. Whether you are looking for leads, researching companies or industries, or searching for investment opportunities in Ghana, we offer a range of options to cater for information verification and due diligence in the country. We are your front desk for business intelligence and private investigation in Ghana.

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